Frequently Asked Questions

What GQFX is all about?

GQFX is an assembly of all liquidity from Banks and top tier liquidity provider providing best quotes for your trading needs.

Our licensed financial service provider the International Financial Services Commission meets very strict capital requirements and as such it implements and follows an internal procedures which include Security factors such as Accounting procedures, Training of Staff involved in the Trading Process and all forms of Risk Management. The funds of the clients are held in segregated accounts with the Banks of GQFX.

The GQFX provides its clients access to the foreign exchange markets including all the major and minor currencies in the world, precious metals such as gold, silver and energy. It is an International Foreign exchange trading associations that deals with Forex contracts over the counter.

Our basic platform used for the trading of our clients is that of MetaTrader4 available in platforms which are user friendly to our clients.

GQFX is a Foreign Exchange trading establishment that caters to traders around the world from newbie’s to ultra professionals in the trading business. In the About Us page section it tells you about the GQFX.

Online Trading provides a quick and user-friendly solution that is why opening an account is very simple. Click open the “Open Live Account” and fill out the registration form with pertinent information.

A valid email is required to be filled out so that Log in information that contains your trading number, password, PIN code and your choice of MetaTrader 4 Platform will be sent back to you by GQFX for reference. It is best that information be saved for important references in the Future.

GQFX needs a Passport and Proof of Residence to be able to verify an account.

Please refer to the Identification requirements.

  • Bank Wire Transfer (Domestic and International)
  • Credit Card (Visa and Master Card)
  • Pay Pal
  • Union Pay

A Withdrawal form is ready to be filled out in our Client Area and processing will take 2-5 Business Days to do the withdrawal.

Residents of United States of America and Canada are not allowed to trade with GQFX. Countries that are high risk due to involvement in terrorism is also excluded from GQFX.

Information on Trading Conditions with the GQFX.

A minimum deposit of US$ 100.00 of its equivalent is required to start Trading Business with GQFX.

MetaTrader4 common problems that occur during actual Trading.

It is an error of the MetaTrader 4 that happens sometime. All you need to do is to close and reload the platform then the error will not occur.

During the execution of your trade marketing you are not allowed to place your previous or pending orders before any execution of the order. Once you have already placed the trade you can add up to your stop or limit orders using the MT4 Terminal.

First things first please check the Experts tab in the MT4 Terminal. Error numbers will show if the EA is trying to place trades and it is not successful. MetaTrader4 has error codes which is downloadable.

All demo accounts expires after 30 days. To avail of the MetaTrader4 platform Open an account. A new log in information will be generated.

All online accounts get invalid if the log in information has misinformation or are faulty. All you need to do is check your login, password and the server address.

To get swap rates you have to go to the market watch area. Choose symbols after right click then go to specification for a trading symbol.

For positions that are open on Wednesday and held overnight to Thursday, the amount added or subtracted to an account as a result of rolling over a position (swap) is three times the usual amount. Charging or paying 'triple swaps' for Wednesday-to-Thursday roll-over accounts for the settlement of trades through the weekend, as swap rates are not charged during this period due to the market being closed.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday are paid on a Wednesday, Tuesday on Thursday, Wednesday on Friday, Thursday on Monday and Friday on Tuesday. For days that fall on a Bank Holiday all payable and receivable swap rates will change.

To be able to view all of the currency pairs you need to right click on the market watch and choose the tab Show all.

Trading platforms can’t be changed. Local time indicators are available from the MetaQuotes community in the MT4 Terminal.