GQFX was founded with a purpose of specializing in the forex brokerage with access to all banks’ and liquidity-providers’ execution and very narrow pricing. We continue to provide the lowest cost to any forex trading as we continue to work out hard to make better our system for our traders. Further we also place much focus on a low existing potential, above quality execution with leverages that is flexible in nature and most importantly a trusted trading system framework.

Market Participants

Commercial Traders:

A trader who uses the future market to hedge against current business activities. In order to minimize the losses on other trades trade or multiple trades are opened in order to try minimizing loss.

Speculative Traders:

Investors are trading currencies in order to make a profit. Speculative trading happens when one is for futures contracts without the intention of actually obtaining the underlying commodity. Traders buy or sell futures contracts with the intention of re selling before the maturity date expecting that the price will be on their favor. Unlike other asset markets forex makes it possible to profit from a currency losing as it is to rising value.

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