The International Business Corporation (IBC) its regulated financial providers to meet stringent protection for clients' funds. The regulation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines authority in GQFX is based on well-established laws, regulations, and standards, intended to maintain the assets value.

Segregated Accounts

When a customer deposits assets to GQFX, the deposit account is separated from GQFX's running account, and serves as the special fund account of the customer. Such separated custody has been established as the most important means.

In addition, it is required that the bank with which the deposit account is opened shall be a bank that always maintains its credit.

Highly controlled organization

The special accounts of customers of GQFX are operated by the accounting department in the course of normal deposit and withdrawal operation, and their operation is always monitored by internal auditing department. Not only internal auditing, but also audited regularly by the auditing firm, for the purpose of auditing whether the operations are appropriate and reasonable, whether there are misconducts, and whether the monitoring system maintains effectiveness in the view of a third party.

To every customer, his/her assets are important and valuable. We do not permit any fund of unclean source to be mixed in such valuable assets. In particular, in the world now, the strengthening of regulation on anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism is emphasized. The licensed suppliers are required to regard these issues in IBC regulation items as the most important ones. Based on the IBC policy in GQFX, we have formulated the regulation on the prevention against entry of suspicious money and implemented reasonable and appropriate management system according to the policies of the relevant international organizations and non-government institutions. We have also established the regulation of reporting to SVG Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) immediately in case of mixing of suspicious money and eliminating it according to the relevant requirements.