About GQFX

GQFX is a fast-growing international online foreign exchange dealer. The management team is composed of experienced industry experts and is committed to providing investors with top-notch services in the industry.

Corporate supervision

GQFX is regulated by the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines authority and meets stringent funding standards. The company completes audits on an annual basis and is independently completed by third parties.

Segregated funds for deposit

GQFX's client funds are depositd in isolation from the company's operating funds. Although corporate bankruptcy is a very small probability event, customer funds will be protected even if they occur.

All transactions are performed under professional-grade encryption

At GQFX, traders only need to concentrate on the transaction itself without worrying about the security of the transaction. GQFX has taken high-level security measures to ensure customers' transactions are always in a safe environment. In the global market, we provide customers with a supreme trading experience.